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Health Article Library


The listed articles are for your information.  The content and opinions are those of the individual author(s).

Bites: 1. "NTC Forum – A Discussion on Bites and Tail" by Beth Sweigart (NTC Annual 2013)
  2. "Additional Thought On Norfolk Terrier Bites" by Christine Calcinari (NTC Annual 2013)
  3. "Tooth and Gum Care" by Julie Gleason (Norfolk Notes Sept 2011)
CHIC: 1. "How to Do Health Tests for CHIC" by Tina Dennis (Norfolk Notes June 2012)
  2. "Show Me the Carfax" by Carol Falk (NTC Annual 2010)
  3. "How to Complete Required Health Tests for CHIC" by Tina Dennis (Norfolk Notes Sept 2009)
Diseases: 1. "Targeting Lyme Disease" by Andrea Downing Peck (Norfolk Notes Sep 2015)
2. "Tick-Borne Illnesses" by Marianna Minks (Norfolk Notes Sept 2010)
DNA: 1. "Health" by Marian Shaw (Norfolk Notes Dec 2017)
2. "Prevention is Smart Breeding – Ichthyosis and Norfolk Terrier" by Casey Carl (Norfolk Notes April 2016)
Eye: 1. " Inherited Eye Problems in the Norfolk Terrier" by Nancy M Bromberg, VMD,MS,DACVO (NTC Annual 2014-2015)
General: 1. "Improving the Health of Norfolk Terriers" by Tina Dennis and Julie Gleason (Norfolk Notes April 2019)
2. "Gonadectomy Rethinking" by Chris Zink, DVM, (2018 Canine Sports Productions)
 (updated article for Spay-Neuter Considerations in Light of Recent Evidence:
 One Veterinarian’s Opinion by Chris Zink DVM, PhD (NTC Yearbook 2014-2015)
3. "Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide" Reprint from DSFCA (Norfolk Notes August 2017)
4. "Health Testing" by Judi Hartell TBNC (Norfolk Notes February 2010)
5. "Health Testing General" by Barbara Miller (Norfolk Notes January 2009)
6. "Norfolk Terrier Health 2009" by Carol Falk (NTC Annual 2009)
Heart: 1. "Mitro-valve Studies of Norfolk Terriers" by Marian Shaw (NTC Website 2012)
2. "How to Screen for Heart Disease" by Marian Shaw, DVM (NTC Annual 2012 and Norfolk Notes June 2012)
3. "MDV Updated 10-11-2011" by Carol Falk (Norfolk Notes 2012)
Liver: 1. "Liver Shunt and Liver Dsyplasia" by Julie Gleason (using Bile Acid Testing as per Dr. Center’s Method).
Nutrition: 1. "Nutritional Approaches to Enhanced Immune Function" by Arleigh Reynold, DVM (NTC Annual 2011)
Poison: 1. "Caution with Dogs & Holiday Plants" by Ken Slump (Norfolk Notes Dec 2018)
2. "Keeping Our Norwich Norfolk Terriers Safe-Common Household Dangers" by Jane Schubart (Norfolk Notes June 2018)
3. "Close Call – Poisonous Toads" by Tina Dennis (Norfolk Notes Sept 2010)
Reproduction: 1. "Pre-Eclampsia in Norfolk" by Tina Dennis (Norfolk Notes June 2012)
2. "Virtual Reproduction Expert Saves Puppies and Pregnant Bitches" by Julie Gleason (Norfolk Notes March 2009)