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Breeder Referral Information
Norfolk terriers can be difficult to acquire. Litter sizes are small. Consequently the supply is limited. Puppies of this breed is not easy to come by so you will need both patience and perseverance in your search.

Getting Started

The best way to start is to go to dog shows and talk with breeders and see the dogs. You can find out about dog shows in your area by looking at the AKC's list of
conformation events. (A dog show is technically called a "conformation" event ... how well does a dog "conform" to the breed standard.) Once you know the date and location of a dog show, you still need to know the times when Norfolk are being judged. Times are set by the show superintendent and are made public approximately one week before a show. You can find out the times specific breeds are being shown by contacting the show superintendent. Breeders are quite happy to talk to interested members of the public before or after (especially after!) judging of their breed has taken place. The dog show catalog (available for purchase at the dog show) will have contact information for all the breeders entered at the show.

Are Norfolk Terriers expensive?
Conscientious breeders strive to produce healthy dogs with excellent temperaments. To determine the cost of a Norfolk, contact a reputable breeder.

Consequently, each litter is a labor of love - an attempt by the breeders of Norfolk Terriers to produce a Norfolk Terrier that is as close to the breed standard as possible.

Companion quality versus show quality
Breeders cannot keep all the puppies they produce. They keep the ones they hope will enhance their breeding program. Norfolk terrier litters have 1 to 3 puppies on average.

Most breeders have a contract and those contracts vary. If you purchase a Norfolk Terrier, the breeder may require that you neuter the dog, if you purchase a male, or spay, if you purchase a female. The American Kennel Club registration for ownership certificate allows for the breeder to check off limited registration. A limited registration has nothing to do with beauty or conformation of the Norfolk Terrier. The AKC limited registration means that a dog is not going to be shown to its championship and most breeders feel that it should not be bred. According to AKC rules a dog neutered or spayed cannot compete at an AKC conformation event. A spayed female or neutered dog can compete in all performance events and earn titles.

Older and retired dogs
Some breeders will rehome a dog retired from the whelping box (a female) and/or the show ring. Breeders may do this if they own multiple dogs, believing that this older dog has done his/her job and deserves a great home. Norfolk Terrier breeders most often will accept a dog they have bred back into their home if the owner's situation has changed and they can not maintain the dog for its lifetime.

Helpful Links

 Breeder/Kennel List Please review our Breeder/Kennel Listing of The Norfolk Terrier Club member/Breeders who subscribe to the organization's Code of Ethics as a responsible breeder.

ASPCA information on buying puppies from pet stores and information on puppy mills.

Lemon Laws (pdf) State-by-state list of laws that protect consumers who’ve purchased a sick animal.


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